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Whenever children think of an idea, they experience a sensation of surreal bliss. As grown-ups, when we start our own business or work on a project, we sometimes get lost in the details and lose that sense of bliss.

Our mission, at Digital Creation, is to revitalize and reinvigorate that emotion. Our branding efforts focus on delivering lifelike replicas of your vision. You envision it, we make it a reality!

Graphic Design

Your company’s image is, arguably, the first element with which customers will interact. As times have changed, so have everyone’s needs and requests. People want more dynamic companies, which respect their values. They want to interact with organizations that are formal and professional, but seem “human”, that care about the same things they care.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through Graphic Design. From vectors and photo editing, to logos, banners, brochures and much more, we offer you the opportunity of visually validating your commitment to your clients.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphic artists are essentially modern Houdinis. They create the illusion of motion or rotation through the smart use of electronic media technology. Such work is oftentimes combined with audio montages, to give any multimedia project a true feeling of surrealism.

Our Motion Graphics team is fully equipped with the know-how and tech to help enhance your ideas, adding realistic “smoke and mirrors” to a concept, turning it into a believable work of art.

Web Development

Web Design and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) are two interlinked capacities. People don’t want to simply visit a website, they wish to enjoy a unique experience. They don’t want to browse a page, they wish to interface with your company, see what’s it all about, what is its general vibe & energy.

At Digital Creation, we offer a variety of Web Development services that achieve that objective: full-responsive web designs based on mock-ups – front end (with or without WordPress), domains, SSL, security, redirects configuration, plugins, website chat (desktop or WhatsApp), automated contact forms, reCAPTCHA, animated website elements, multi-lingual configuration and others.


At Digital Creation, we develop and plan a wide variety of PPC campaigns, across a large range of digital channels, analyzing trends in detail, to provide you with the information needed to make data-driven decisions. Moreover, we manage our clients’ accounts on their behalf, generating detailed reports on a variety of indicators, for each and every one of our campaigns.

Furthermore, our SEO services focus on site & content optimization, backlinks, keyword research and WordPress editing, so that you and your website enjoy a soaring ride through Google’s ranks


Through the written word, we can convey strong, heart-warming messages, formal invitations or tantalizing prospects, among others.

Our publishing service strives to deliver excellence, in a personalized form, whether it’s editing, proof-reading, reviewing, copywriting or writing newsletters, articles, news pieces, website information, social media posts, press releases, magazines, reports, sales pitches, storyboards, brochures, interviews, advertisement texts, portraits and anything in between all of these.

Social Media

From business-formal, to friendly-informal, our Social Media service can help you with your content management needs, so that information gets out there, as soon as possible, on all the relevant platforms.

In addition to this, we also create email marketing campaigns, track & report their progress, to flesh out improvements, follow up on all respondents that express interest and lastly, design & write some of the most enticing press releases you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. Moreover, we purge non-deliverable addresses & any opt-outs, and we analyze both direct and interactive campaigns, through statistical reports, to further refine our audience engagements.

Cloud Solutions

Through our IT Services & Consultancy, we analyze the best hardware and software solutions for your company’s needs. Furthermore, we offer full scale implementations of either the Office 365 Cloud solution or the G-suite Cloud solution, depending on which one you need. We can also do both, if that’s what you fancy!
Moreover, whether we’re talking about plugin installs in Word Press, database updates, SQL server modifications, Office 365/G-suite user management or many other such technical minutiae, we provide supportive services, so you can focus on achieving your tasks, in peace and quiet.

GDPR Consultancy

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, has been on every company’s mind, as they have had to enact extensive changes to their customer interaction systems. It’s not always clear what the best course of action is for such an endeavour.

This is why we’re offering to find the best solutions, through consultancy & analysis, for all organizations looking to maximize their GDPR compliance. We guide you on the optimal ways of protecting your information, your assets, your public image and most importantly, your customers.